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Why We Are Different

Why We Are Different

We adapt and customize strategies to pursue your specific investment goals—not ours. Our clients have grown to expect that, and as a result, we have built our company on earning that trust.

Trust And Communication

Trust And Communication

The first step is for us to listen.

Once we understand your goals and assess your starting point, we work together to develop a comprehensive financial life plan. Trust and communication are vital components of any relationship, so why should your relationship with your financial advisor be any different? WFA is dedicated to providing you with thoughtful investment and financial guidance. Our advisors deliver customized wealth management services built on trust and transparency.

Simplifying the Investment Process

Our investment process is straightforward and personalized. We simplify the investment process so you can understand the various components of your financial plan. What do you want to achieve? What impact do you want to have on the world around you? Most of us already know what we are capable of – the real question is: Will that vision come to fruition? WFA has been doing what we love most – building impactful relationships with our clients.

Client Centered


We’re independent, creative, cool, inspired. But it’s hard to do it justice with just a few words. We are a big picture company. We want you to be who you are and to go where you dream while still protecting your future.

Backed by RFG Advisory, we provide our customers with trusted guidance and objective advice, driven by innovation and a passion for setting the pace for the industry. We’re an independent business, which makes for a better client experience. Our dedication to community, quality, and innovation has been the cornerstone of our business since 1997, and it shows in everything we do.

We have the freedom to create an incredible client experience, something that larger corporations can’t give as much attention to. “Good enough” isn’t good for us. We don’t settle, so you can look forward to only the highest quality. We adapt and customize strategies to pursue your specific investment goals—not ours.

Experience and Dedication

We’ve been here, and we’ll continue to be here. WFA was founded in 1997, making it a quarter-century old. We also have three CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ - CFP® Professional designation on our team. When you need tax-smart investment strategies and comprehensive financial services, our team of advisors are here to help.


Our Partnerships

WFA partners with high quality financial services firms. Beyond just traditional asset custody, our partners offer banking services. 

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