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Your WFA Financial Playbook

We’ve created a unique experience designed for Athletes.

Our Process

We always start with listening. We are all motivated, but what sets us apart is purpose. Your financial game plan is no different. It needs to be rooted in your mission and your values so success is measure not just by dollars in the bank, but living your life intentionally.

Our History

We analyze your various sources of income from your salary, bonuses, sponsorships, investments and other assets to paint a picture and uncover possible additional income opportunities.

Our Values

We believe budgets are freeing not restricting. We will help you build a budget that finely balances today and tomorrow. 

Our Process

We have your back. One of the most important roles we play is to help you avoid bad deals.  We strive to pick where to invest and where to pass in-line with your financial plan, budget and your values.

Our History

We act as your GM; a central point of contact collaborating with all of the other professionals on your team. 

Our Values

We are award-winning financial advisors*. Table stakes for us is to deliver a comprehensive plan, customized investment portfolios, risk assessment, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, banking services and insurance (life, disability, long-term care). 

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We Are Former Athletes

We Are Former Athletes

We understand the rigors and demands on an athlete’s life. The pressure for peak performance, the fear of failure, the unrelenting commitment to excellence, the value in the basics, the power of teamwork. Equally as important, we understand the critical need to plan for life outside the arena. As former athletes we help current athletes understand their finances and guide them through their financial futures. We will work with you to identify your current financial situation and determine your long-term financial goals and short-term objectives.

Athletic Success Comes From Practicing For The Future

Three of our Advisors have the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ - CFP® Professional designation.

Creating the right financial plan for you.

Your financial plan needs to be as sound as the plays drawn up on game day. Your goals, dreams, and targets are unique to you, and we want to work WITH you, not just for you, to help you identify and achieve those ends. Our approach is to help you live your best life today, tomorrow, and many years into the future by helping you obtain the financial freedom you want.
Your career as an athlete can be short-lived and negatively affected by injury, fatigue, and overuse. One of the greatest risks we see working with athletes is the longevity of their careers. It is why financial planning for athletes is so vital.

We work with NIL, college, semi-pro, pro and retired Athletes.

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